Sap Puller Pump 100 E – Electric


Sap Puller Pump – Electric Sap Puller Pump 100 E – Great vacuum alternative for small producers


Sap Puller Pump 100 E – Electric. Great vacuum alternative for small producers Can be used with car batteries or with small generator if no electrical access. For smaller producers. Does not need to be in a heated space. Good for up to 400 taps or more if the terrain is steep. No releaser needed. You need a very tight system for these to be effective as just a few leaks will drop the vacuum. Disconnect from mainline overnight when it will freeze and allow ice in lines to exit before re-connecting. Ice will slice the diaphragms. Cycle & dump sap out at night so a layer of ice does not build up in the pump, you can slice the diaphragm and break the bottom of the bowl if this happens. New valves are in that are not the duck bill type and are easier to change. The duck bill valves can catch debris such as wood shavings or plastic pieces from mainline tapping and cause the vacuum to jump on the guage dial. remove the, clean and replace.

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Weight 30 oz