Money Back Guarantee

Our Commitment

We stand 100% behind our products and services. We provide Award~Winning quality Vermont maple products at reasonable prices. We are nationally known for our fine quality confections.

Money Back Guarantee:

We want you to be absolutely satisfied with the products you receive from us. If you are not delighted, we will make it right with a full replacement or refund. Please make sure your ordering information is correct. We cannot guarantee orders with incorrect address information. Sometimes items are damaged during shipment.  If you suspect damage from the condition of the shipping container or leaking packages,  immediately open your shipment and examine the contents. If possible when the UPS driver is still there and he can note the damage.  Take photos and email them to us for proof of damage to assist us with UPS claims.   We will replace broken or damaged items.   Unfortunately, we are not responsible for Porch Pirates.  If UPS or USPS states the packaged was delivered, then we are not responsible for the loss of the package.

Syrup does not spoil even if an opened container of syrup is left at room temperature for several weeks, because it contains no preservatives,  it may mold. To avoid this, refridgerate after opening or FREEZE IT.   Should it ever mold, just bring it to a boil, place in a clean container and refridgerate. There are no harmful pathogens in syrup. We wrap our syrup containers in plastic bags, so if a cover leaks or pops off, just pour the syrup back into the jug, replace the cover and wash the outside of the container, refridgerate or freeze. Discard broken glass containers and syrup, as they may have glass shards in them. Occasionally there will be sugar crystals in the bottom of the container, just loosen it with warm water when the container is empty and enjoy this natural rock candy! This forms if you heat the syrup for serving & then put it back in the jug.  This starts seed crystals growing.  Put the unused heated syrup in another container and refridgerate.

We hope you will enjoy this wonderful, all natural product from the Green Mountains of Vermont.